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Forgiveness: What You Need To Know

Here are some things everyone needs to know about forgiveness, cyberbullying, and a very public apology that I want everyone to see. I NEED the apologiser to see this message. It’s very important to me.

Do Not Stop Sharing This Until Every Person Who Cares About Women Sees This

Please, take a moment for this.

I know for many of you 50 Shades of Grey is going to be an amazing and long awaited event, but whilst you’re out there celebrating your liberty and your freedom as a woman I’d like for you to take a moment and watch this. There are women out there, as young as eight, who are treated lower then dirt. They are married off, raped to ‘consummate’ the marriage, and even circumcised to stay pure. Have you even heard of female circumcision? I hadn’t.
One young girl was even murdered with acid, by her PARENTS, just for merely looking at a boy.
My mum has made a great suggestion. This video I’m sharing is for a movie documentary called ‘Honor Diaries’ all about the aforementioned and very serious things happening in our world. And yes, OUR WORLD, don’t shy away from this because you think it belongs to another country and culture, especially when there has even been a case of this happening in our HOMETOWN NEWCASTLE! Anyway, this movie is asking for donations to be able to translate and distribute the film to every country possible. My mum’s suggestion was to donate the same amount of money your 50 Shades of Grey ticket has cost you, and I think it’s a brilliant idea.
I’ll sure as hell be donating, and I hope you will too.

This is OUR WORLD, it is up to us to create a safe and harmonious place for all.

In fact last night I had a dream that aliens invaded. They lined my friends and I up against a fence, I’m not sure if it was to shoot us or profile us or what, but in my dream I turned around and I said no. I asked these aliens why they thought we were bad people and why did we deserve this? I said “so what, you’ve scanned our history books, our internet, our minds, you’ve found bad people do exist, but you know what? Good people exist too. And I will fight with everything I have for those good people.”

I’d be coward if I only fought in my dreams, so here I am, in reality, fighting for this too.


The Holiday Letters – Day Nine

WARNING: you may come across lovey and mushy words.

My Letter:

#9 Friday 4th June

Good morning sunshine!

How are you today? How was your holiday? I hope it was magical and adventurous!

You travelling home now, so don’t worry I’ll keep this simple.

Compile/document/represent your three most favourite things of your trip. Write and recount an even, find one you already have or take me a picture, maybe draw something that happened.

Travel safe my dear.

I’ll see you soon!

<3 The star that will always shine for you. xoxo

His Favourite Things:

The world around me.

The time I’ve spend with my family.

The photos I’ve had the opportunity to take.


© Briana Ferguson

The Holiday Letters – Day Eight

WARNING: you may come across lovey and mushy words.

My Letter:

#8 Thursday 3rd June

Hello Aladdin.

Don’t worry, I didn’t spell your name wrong, I’m being metaphorical. Like a magic carpet ride being with you has shown me a Whole New World that I can’t wait to experience more of.

So today, take a minute to sit down and write about the location. Describe to me the world around you in some sort of short story, perhaps even a poem. Describe the smells, the sounds, the sights.

You may not believe it, but you are the most amazing human being I’ve ever met. I thought in the past I had found happiness, but with you those experiences have turned to mud, and our experiences have turned to gold.

I want you to know that I will be your Atlas. No matter the weight, I will carry your world on my shoulders for you.

<3 Atlas xoxo

His Location:

If only you could see what is around me. A world painted in green. Moss clings to the trees and the stones as though they are the best of friends. The leaves hang heavy on their branches, low enough so that my head brushes their bellies as I walk by. I look down, to find I’m standing on a flat rock bed, and it’s covered in such soft moss that I’m inclined to remove my shoes and tickle my toes in the layer of green.


© Briana Ferguson

The Holiday Letters – Day Seven

WARNING: you may come across lovey and mushy words.

My Letter:

#7 Wednesday 2nd June

Gooooooood morning! Maybe it’s afternoon. Maybe it’s midday. But a good day to you!

Collect leaves!

Yes, you have read me correctly.

Find and collect:

  • An orange leaf
  • A green leaf
  • A small leaf
  • A big leaf
  • A pointy leaf
  • A smooth leaf
  • An oval leaf
  • A leaf that caught your eye

I’d have preferred they be flowers, but I feel that you will find more leaves than flowers.

Now you have the leaves, you may photograph them and set them free. Or perhaps you might like to keep the leaves as memorabilia.

Happy leaf discovering dearest.

<3 Blue xoxo

What He Found:

He found all of these things, but unfortunately… the data was lost. :(

© Briana Ferguson

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